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Fujii Shuzo Style - Junmai Daiginjo

925-1478-9900025 | Fujii Shuzo Style

Inspired by a profound introduction to sake while skiing on the island of Hokkaido, founder Paul Dohrenwend, wanted to create a way for more people to discover the beauty and enjoyment of premium sake.

SĀFU SAKE, using an original recipe, is hand-crafted masterfully at Fujii Shuzo in Usuki, Japan by the Fujii family's sixth generation of brewers who have perfected the art of great sake to make this premium balanced junmai daiginjo.

Our name, SĀFU - tranlating to SURF in Japanese, is inspired by the sharing of surf culture between American troops and the Japanese during the 1960's. Decades later, SĀFU SAKE is dedicated to brining the beauty and joy of sake to those outside Japan while sharing how best to enjoy and pair. SIP. SHOOT. SHAKE.

Made from water drawn from the Ono River and Yamaguchi yamadanishiki rice milled down to 50% for extreme purity, SĀFU SAKE is well-structured in flavor with aromas of melon, pear and hints of rose that burst on your palate mid-sip and smoothly vanish, finishing bright and clean. This varietal of SĀFU SAKE pairs well with fresh tuna, seafood, cheese, oysters and beef.

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